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Hello I am..
Aquarius-Non Binary

i identify as an attack helicpoter. ever since i was a oby i dreamed of osaring over the oilfielsd dropping salad on disgsuting foreigners. people say to me that a pernos being a helicpoter is imssopible adn i’m an idiot ubt i nod’t care, i’m beautiful. i’m having a plastic usrgeno isntall rotary blades, 03 mm casnonn adn amg-411 hekfire missiles no my doby. from onw no i want yuo guys to call me “apache” adn repsect my right to kill from aobve adn kill needlessly. if yuo can’t accept me you're a heliphboe and need to check yuor vehicle privilege. thank yuo for being os understanding.

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I'm too lazy to change any of these and they've been here for like 2 years lol

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SOLITARY FOX by KenobiBoo Robotic Tendencies by QueenEgg Kamemeo by erikaerikaAJ Moar fan art by MechsGoRawr Bubbles! ~For Kamemeo by Arasial Kamemeo (humanized version) by LuckIce For Kame~ Whaa? by erikaerikaAJ
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Actually something i made for my homework. Guess whos probably going to get an f!
Personality: Palin is two halves of a whole, they feel they were never meant to be together, but they are and that isn't something they can change. They tend to have very opposing views, and are very contradictory. Their dark blue side wants to keep to himself, is very introverted, and a is a big pessimist who cares for others regardless of what they do, which is why he can barely stand to share the same body with his brother.  While his other half wants to get to know everybody, and is a extrovert, and is a incredibly vain.  Though he can get kind of annoying when he's upset, he loves his brother more than the world.

Backstory: Palin was born with another head because of a birth defect, caused by pollution in the water and the air. They share all of their organs, aside from their brain, and inherited heterochromia from their father. When their father saw them as chicks, he felt ashamed, and as soon as they had grown their feathers, he left. The reason is unknown but they feel that it was because of them. Their mother adored her son, took care of them as best she could. Palin was always fighting with each other when they were younger, and they never completely saw eye to eye. But they've resolved their problems with one another as time when on. They've always known each other as a brother and a friend, not as an attachment.
Borf Borf
idk if this mature content, i just had this colored and i wanted to try a different way for shading. its uhhh, yea...
Nirfly is best waifu y'all can fite me

why do i do these things 
i was left behind
                                                                                have you noticed i've been gone?  

Decline is a robot wolf, he may not look like it, but he is. Because under the good pound of fur on his body is pure steel (actually a mix of metals).

Personality: He's a huge cry baby, and he doesn't like disappointing. He says he's 'made to please'. He cares too much, he's very passionate about the things he loves, and can get really sappy about it. He wallows on the past, and can't move on very easily, whats said to him is remembered forever, and this is a huge  problem for him. He also blames himself for everything, and he can't let anyone feel bad on his watch. He feels disposable, as he isn't really alive. Is incredibly protective, will fite anyone who harms something he loves.

Backstory: Decline was the second to last robot built in his time. The last being his 'cousin', Dystopia. His name wasn't originally "Decline" , it was 6C1N3, but that was changed when he learned emotions. He was built as companion to humans, and to act like a dog. He was built to learn and obey, which caused him to pick up on human emotion, and eventually he learned to mimic them. 30 years after he was built, most of the human race fled to the moon because the pollution was killing them. Decline was left behind, this made him depressed, and gave him the feeling he was disposable. He wasn't supposed to feel anything, but he did, and he hated it. Dystopia eventually found him, broken, she was enraged that humans didn't care for them, she felt robots were better, she felt they were perfect, and she hid him away from any remaining humans. She didn't want to see her 'cousin' hurt any further. Decline now lives a thousand feet underground, free from any contact with others. Only visited by an experiment that was freed when the humans fled earth and Dystopia.


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